Ask Hannes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please give us a bit of a background on who you are, what you do and why is it that you chose to do what you do?
At what age did you retire, and if you don’t mind me asking, how wealthy were you when you eventually did retire?
As young professionals, we are always told things like “make your money work for you” through “build passive income”. As an expert in this field in what ways would you suggest a young person starts in building passive income within the South African context?
How easy it is to begin building a substantial passive income stream, and how rich does one have to be to begin building one (basically does it take money to make passive income)?
Now since I’ve been a subscriber of your material for a while now, there was something I noted that you mention called the Money Making Machine Blueprint which you say assists in building passive streams of income without taking financial risks. Could you please expand shortly on what that is and how exactly it works in helping one build their passive income?
So from attending wealth seminars and reading books I’ve gathered that the definition of being financially free is making more passive income than what you earn from your day job. Is this statement correct?
Hypothetically speaking as a graduate who’s earning say R25 000, with a car and mortgage repayments to make, on average using your wealth tools how long could it take me to reach financial freedom?
What would you say are some of the main hindrances that a young person can face along their journeys of building passive income within the current South African market… And in what ways can they navigate around those hindrances?
Other than working for it, the process of making money is often viewed as risky and thus unpredictable. Therefore how does one go about creating a tangible financial plan that includes their financial goals incorporating income that will be passively earned (basically as someone who intends on earning passive income, how do I realistically plan ahead financially for money that I haven’t yet earned- considering my living expenses, debts and all that)?
In your opinion why is it that many people do not ever reach financial freedom within their lifetimes (even some of those people do actually invest their money)? Are being advised badly or just playing this money game wrong?
Do you have any final remarks with regards to the topic of passive income in relation to young professionals?
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