The reason why I am the #1 Wealth Creator Coach in the World!

Wealth Creators focuses on Results! I coach my students since my Wealth Creators Coaching career started in 1990 that in order to manage, you need to measure.

As the Worlds #1 Wealth Creators Coach, my success is measured by the results of those that participate actively in my investment and business coaching.

In all of my Coaching Sessions thus far, I have achieved a 100% success rate with those coachees who actively participated and applied the Wealth Creators Strategy and Blue Print.

My coaching methodology which I have improved continuously over a 30 year period is more than 7 times more effective than 95% of other business and investment coaches out there.

You are also able to achieve 7 times better results with me as your coach than any other coach out there.

I have received thousands of testimonials over the years, and collected the most recent ones for you in this section.

Have a look at the results others had achieved and decide for yourself.


The Rainmakers Course was the most valuable course that I have completed. The course was presented in professional way by Dr Hannes Dreyer. The training videos were excellent and not too long. Every concept was explain simple and very clearly. It was fun doing the Rainmakers course.   Every day I meet people who are unemployed, lost their jobs or are been dismissed. If I tell them that you can start a business with no money they look incredulous or make some snide remarks. The proposition is to me that if it is so easy why I don’t start a business with no money and proof myself. If I tell them that I am busy with the Rainmakers course where I learned how to start a business without money are all incredulous laugh me out. After I have completed the Rainmakers course successfully and made a profit of R 54 342.00 within 13 weeks I have now sufficient evidence to prove it is possible to start a business without money. My philosophy in life is “Every problem is an opportunity”.  During the course I have made a lot of mistakes. I have properly learnt more out of my mistakes as on the course.  The secret of the course is to follow the guide’s of the coach and take massive action.  Just do it!!!!!!!   I recommend the Rainmakers Course to everybody that wants to seriously start a business.   Velle est Posse, Where there is a will there is a way.

Koos Bierman

This program is will stretch you and may at times seem difficult, but once you break through the mental barriers and see some success, it is worth the journey.

Heidi Grimmer

This is one phenominal program if you commit to stick to this program as it is. Because this is a proven process.

- Rocco van Rooyen

I wanted to thank dr hannes dreyer and his team, from the onset connecting with any employee of dr hannes dreyer, the mind-set and Vitality and commitment really lives up to the standards of the wealth creators university and each person really lives and loves what they do, who they are and how they can give back and help others. This is a characteristic that does not exist in many organisations and it really set the bar as to what I could expect from learning from dr hannes dreyer and his team. I have had a real eye opener in going through all the courses and especial this program to become fellow of WCU and it has taught me to really evaluate what I wanted in life and how to start a business with only a idea and no money versus what I thought was important like money to make money and there is no greater investment than investing in you and understanding yourself and how to start a business and this for me has been the most powerful aspect of the courses I have had the opportunity to attend via the portal. DrHannes dreyer through-out is truly exceptional in his teachings and truly knowledgeable and as a mentor and role model really lives out what he believes in and truly has the great ability to inspire and push people to achieve greatness in their lives. The sessions were always fun and interactive and exceptionally conducive to learning and this made the time pass by and leaving you wanting more. Each day was never the same and every effort was put into make each day better than the last, not just by HD but also his team who always insured that you were comfortable and looked after, always will to assist in every way they can and reflecting fully what the wealth creators university stands for. I have enjoyed every minute of learning from Hannes Dreyer and the other coachees and will continue my coaching and business career under what I learned from this program and look forward to doing the business level 2 training with them in the near Future. Thank you all for making learning so exciting and growing a passion!!!

- Cobus Visser

We managed to start a business with no money and have a growth of more than 800,000% - Nobody would not believe it... Same as selling a rock   The course was amazing in challenging your beliefs while gently forcing you out of your comfort zone.   Then it helps you to show/measure/proof the results as you master these skills.   The fact that you have a coach assisting you along the way, giving you step by step weekly guidance and assignments with weekly deadlines, allows you to work in your business and on your business at the same time, while keeping you accountable.   Truly amazing experience. Highly recommendable.   Looking forward to the next level.

- Floorie Botes

If you are stuck with your business, going in circles, feeling like you are moving on thin ice. Or if you want to learn the ABC's of starting out on a new venture on a solid foundation and in a very practical step-by-step way, this is it! You don't have to try and re-invent the wheel or look any further for someone or some course or some highly paid business coach to help you on the way. You have all you need right there - within you. And the tools to access your own resources and those of the market are now there, too. Right in front of you. Hannes is offering them to you. Just grab them! And then USE them.   The Rainmaker Business Startup course helped me to see that my limitations were imagined. Just the way that I think I don't have the muscles to lift or pull or push this or that weight. This course taught me how to find and use those muscles, leaving the exercises to - me! GO and DO! Step by step. Practice. Realize that mistakes are not a disaster but welcome guides. learn that this is easily possible if you know how to reduce the risks you take right down to zero! Very clear and very logical. We can do it if we want to. All of us. No exception.   Thank you Hannes!   Thank you Leon   for making all of this virtual teaching and coaching possible. Without you most of us would not have a chance to benefit from these great learning packages that Hannes is drawing from his experience. You present them in manageable portions and nicely wrapped, too! You are doing a magical job, drawing from YOUR experience! I am finding it impressive how you are managing to combine the ongoing creativity with the technological aspects of your work, and all of that you do under sometimes immense time pressure. Thank you!

Anita Lotze

Great choice from the start and where theres a will theres a way.

Ruan Jordaan

This is the best way to learn about ones own character.

Sean Mitri

I had the time of my life. I now know how to start a viable business with no money at all!

Heini Jordaan

A totally mind-boggling journey this past couple of months has been, an awesome combination of refreshing and unconventional ways of doing business + personal mastery + a charismatic Coach. What an incredible learning experience in the quest to attain Financial Freedom - create, enjoy and preserve wealth.

Moeketsi Mokoena

I got to challenge my beliefs about starting a business without any cost. The breakthrough you experience when achieving that goal is what sets this program apart from anything else.   Having a comitted coaching staff at hand that gives you all the guidance to take a business from an idea to cash in the bank with no RISK is awesome.   Doing business like this will change our world!

- Riaan Loots

Ek is Stehan Du Toit en het al 18 jaar my eie klein besigheid, 'n mens sou verwag dat jy alles weet van besigheid maar gemeet aan Hannes Dreyer se ressultate weet jy eintlik maar baie min.   Al die kennis en ondervinding beteken niks as jy nie ressultate kan toon nie. So as jy nie die ressultate kan toon nie moet jy maar van jou troontjie afklim en van die grond af weer begin.    Hannes neem jou hand en leer jou stap vir stap die teoretiese maar ook die prakties van hoe om 'n besigheid van die grond af te begin sonder enige risiko of geld.

Stehan Du Toit

18 Februarie 2014: Eerstens wil ek net bietjie terugvoering gee oor my prototipe soos ontwikkel tydens die Rainmakers kursus; dit gaan BAIE goed! My doelwitte en verwagtinge met die prototipe is heeltemal oortref. Dinge het aanvanklik bietjie stadig begin maar ek het aangehou en my struikelblokke oorkom - ek het vanaf September gemiddeld $6500 per maand verdien. Vir Januarie alleen het ek die $10000 merk oorskry, en is goed oppad om dieselfde te doen vir Februarie. Ek het ook in middel Januarie 'n 2de prototipe begin (ander mark), en met die ondervinding en skills vanaf die eerste prototipe is dit ook 'n sukses, $4000 in die eerste 30 dae... Groete Gerrit

Stehan Du Toit

I would like to thank Dr Hannes Dreyer and Leon Janse Van Rensburg, and the team for putting together the best course I have come across on building a very strong foundation for a business! I learned how to take an idea, and just through investing my time and skills, create a successful business that generates thousands of rands of net profit - without it costing me a cent. You won't find a more passionate teacher on the subject than Hannes. Other courses promise to teach you plenty about business with no results. This is not the case with the Rainmaker Startup Business Course, which will EXCEED your expectations just as it did for mine.

Ashraf Jamie

This was one of the most valuable courses I have ever done.   I was moved to action in ways that I was not thinking would be possible. It supported me to face some of my most debilitating belief systems. You are supported, you feel safe and you can trust the process to deliver on its aims and promises.   Hannes clearly gets this about us...the struggling entrepeneur or wannabe entrepeneur. So I was surprised and challenged by the sometimes subtle and other times direct way in which this course leads you to face these limiting beliefs and also supports us in breaking through.   Every time I did something that was a huge challenge at first, I came out of it feeling more able and more confident about myself.   I have been searching high and low for someone or a course that can help me with this crippling thing called limiting belief systems. With this course I have found it. Thank you so much!

- Liesl Viljoen

A mind altering experience that taught me how create a profitable business with no money and have fun doing it.

- Stanford Gibson

Fantastic program!! I have learnt so much, grown so much. Finally ive broken through my limiting belief. I have come one HUGE step closer to who i am. I have taken responsibility for my life  at last!

- Natasha Kusel

Do you want to become successful of more successful while haveing fun and exitement? Then you must attent this course on HOW TO START A MILLION RAND BUSINESS WITHOUT ANY MONEY and a whole new world will open in front of your eyes if you apply the skills that you learn.

Reno Cronje

Thank you Hannes, Leon and team for putting together this fantastic program.This has been a fantastic learning experience. I was driven out of my comfort zone multiple times and challenged repeatedly. And all of this to help me grow and achieve my potential and ultimate goal of starting a new business with no money.

Gerrit Breedt

"Another course, yeh right. Let me see what is nice to learn here. Hannes always has something that I can use"   This is how I started the course since I already paid for it last year.   However, if applied with passion and enthusiasm, the content of this single course will change your life forever, for the better.    Never before have I sat down and evaluated any of my current businesses on a level 1. By doing so, the Rainmakers teachings will eliminate lots of headaches and frustrations. Hannes's way of explaining basic things to consider and/or think about during the startup phase is something that I have not seen before.   Most Gurus start on a level 2 and tell you everything to do thereafter. I now discovered that ALL businesses should be started on a level 1.   I am honoured to be part of Hannes's students and would like to invite anyone who wants to grow him/herself to consider these teaching over any other on the market. The way it is presented is practical, very well thought through and are backed by Hannes's own success over many years.   Your last video clip about my future being in my own hand, was very special to me. I realised that nobody can add more value to my life than me!   With the programs available from Hannes, anyone who applies them can be successful.   Hannes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Johan Stroh

I have experienced on the Rainmakers Business Start-Up Program what no other "expert", guru, program, course, diploma or degree have ever been able to teach me about business.   It is a step-by-step 13-week program (almost paint by numbers) that teaches you how to start a business with no money & generate your first income within 90 days. My results speak for itself. I made my first sale on day 4 & I finished the 90 days with 87458% growth. Most financial institutions can only "promise" you a 4% to 10% growth on your investment.   If you are serious about your financial freedom, to enable you to do what you want, when you want, how you want & with whom you want, then I can highly recommend that you enroll for the next intake of the Rainmakers Business Start-Up Program. Likewise if you want to secure the financial future of your children.   I can guarantee you the experience is life changing & the value you get is priceless.

- Thinus Britz

Before I started with this program I did not think I could start a business with no money at all, let alone how easy it actually is. Live and everything around us makes things difficult and very blurry. No one actually shows you some of the things we learned in this course. Well put together and it has a fast enough pace to keep you motivated and on track. It is result driven and offers some great examples if you need some inspiration. I enjoyed it very much.

Ian Du Preez

When I first heard about this course I immediately thought that it would be great for my husband because he has a brilliant business mind and is great with money. I spoke to him about it and he told me that he thought that I should do it. So being the person I am (not very great with selling things or money) I brushed him off and didnt think about it again...   For the next two weeks my husband told me everyday that I should do it. And I began to wonder about it...should I or should'nt I. On the last day that the intake of the course I was still caught between two minds so I decided to inbox Hannes on Facebook. I thought by the time I had received a reply that it would be too late but Hannes had replied within minutes. He said that to be scared and have fear was good because it showed that I would work at at not failing.   Nevertheless I signed up and started on my Rainmaker journey! I can tell you that this has been by far the best course that I could have ever decided to do, if I had known what I do today I would have skipped University and joined the WCU instead.   I have learned that I am capable of starting a business without any money in the bank, in fact No Bank Account needed! I learned that adding value creates trust and that I am good with business and money! I am my business and my business is me, it all depends on me to make things happen and take action!   A special Thank You to my coaches and fellow students, without your help I would not know how to make it "Rain".

- Ameera Jacobs

The Rain Maker's Startup program coaching course is an excellent way of using and applying the Wealth Creator's strategy, the Formula For Riches, sales and marketing using the 32 step sales letter, capture script and advertisment using a scientific proven methodology.   Even although I majored in marketing at Unisa, never before have I participated in a course such as this - quite frankly it is the best course that I have ever attended and what I particularly like is the practical side of it.   You must get out there and see people (your market) to see if you are on the right track and sell your idea or concept. In my case this happened quite early in the program before I was actually ready to sell, but I started recording sales.   This is a valuable skill that I will never forget.   If this can assist other people, please let them call me for more impartial information or questions about this tremendous course.   I wish Hannes and Loen all of the very best for the future and thank you for the massive effort expended in putting together such a superb coaching and training course

- Berry Garner

'This course is an inspiration! Other courses may teach you the fundamentals of business, but that will not help you to understand what you need to do in order to be successful in business. When I read that I would learn how to start a business with no money (therefore no risk) and make 1000% profit after 12 weeks I was sceptical, but Hannes has shown me how it can be done and I succeeded!  With this knowledge my horizons are broader and my future is brighter.

Johanna Davidson

I reallly would recommed this programme. It gave me a skill that I wouldnt learn anywhere else. It was really worth the 12 weeks.

Tau Palesa

As a 18 year old student in this program I have learned a lot about how to start your own business. I think that every young adult that leaves school should attend this course because it opened my eyes towards my own future without any university degree. Thank you oom Hannes for this learning experience, I will definitely make use of this business skill for the rest of my life!

Larochelle Potgieter

Out of all the business courses i have attended in my life and believe me i have tried a couple of them, Local and International this is the Real Makoya, simply because it it RESULTS BASED and i can attest to that!!!   I'm deeply grateful for Dr Hannes for giving us mere mortals a chance to learn from his vast Experience & Knowledge by creating a simple to follow procedure on how to BUILD A SUSTAINABLE PROFITABLE BUSINESS!!

Sihle Mgobozi

The rainmaker course was a life changing experience for me. Before the course I had been running my own business and was clueless. During the course I began to understand my business and the opportunities availabe to me like I had never been able to before. It is fanatastic to know that I can start a business without money if I take the responsibility and proper steps as the course has showed me.

Vinay Doolabh

I recommend the Rainmaker Startup Business Program to anybody who wants to learn how to start a business from scratch without risking their money.     The coaching program is an intense three-month long learning experience.  It includes video lessons, exercises and weekly assignments.   At the end, students will have an excellent grasp of fundamental business principles in addition to a viable business that will continue growing.

- Johannes Funcke

I realised a number of decades ago that the only way I would take control and achieve freedom in my life was to start my own business. Well, while one of these businesses cost me my home, car and my self respect; others made some profit but did not last. Each time I did started a business I put myself and my dear family at risk by using money I did not have.   It was only after completing the Rainmakers Startup Business course by Dr, Hannes Dreyer that I learned it is possible to start a profitable business with no money.   I know this really is possible because I have a just started a profitable business without using any money.   I always thought that reading books, common sense and hard work was all that was required. Now I know that until now, I totally lacked the required competency.   I hightly recommend the Rainmakers Startup Business Course by Dr. Hannes Dreyer

- Rodney Ackermann

This programme taught me some invaluable lessons:   1. You CAN start a successful business with NO capital investment   2. There is a step-by-step process to follow which will lay the foundations for a successful business   3. Taking responsibility is THE greatest asset that a potential business owner can bring to their start-up business   I learned all these lessons, and far more, on this programme.

Mike Walsh

Dear Hannes,   Thank you for adding tremendous value to my previous business experiences.   You are absolutely right: Other business leaders refuses to share "TRADE SECRETS" with anybody.   Through the rainmaker program you have shared your business knowledge and experience with us.   Above all you have provided us with a comprehensive methodology whereby anyone can start a business with no money, no security and no risk.   Thanks again!

Lex Pienaar

For a couple of years I have been looking for a course that can teach me how to start a business properly.  I have always known that it had to include research about your market, how to go about it etc. and then how to sell it.  I have looked at all the courses around and none gave me the practical side with the theory.  The Rainmaker course is an excellent course as it gives you the theory and then helps you to do the practical side.  Without this I would still have been in the dark running around in circles.

Antoinette Kok-Oosthuizen

This programme has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life. With the knowledge and skills I have gained, I am now confident that I will achieve every goal I set in life.   The Rainmakers Startup Business Coaching Programme has taught me how to start any business from scratch without any money and to generate a profit within a 90 day period. The first-hand interactive coaching has given me the skills, competency levels and practical experience to successfully start any business.   I will always be eternally grateful for the opportunity of being part of the coaching programme and look forward, in anticipation, to being part of the follow-on Business Level 2 coaching programme to develop my new business.   Thank you Hannes and Leon - May God bless you abundantly for the value you add to peoples lives, especially mine.

- Baden Wright

This is a great, great course. It is absolutely necessary if you want to start a business.

- Leon Scott

I have started this program to learn how to start a business the right way. Start at level 1 and learn and master how to sell. You can also do other courses for free like building a website during this course. The video lessons is of top quality and with a lot of learnings.    I would really suggest that if you attent to start a business then start on the right way by investing in this excellent course. I did learn a lot and you can interact with all the students who is doing this course.

Andre Kotze