Born in Pretoria, in the beautiful country of South Africa, he started his first business at the tender age of ten and made his first million by thirty. He failed his matric and had to do redo it in order to get accepted to the university of Pretoria, from which he dropped out a couple of semesters later. He began his professional career as a financial advisor in 1982 and has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Million Dollar Round Table (only the top 6% of financial brokers in the world receive this award), the Court of the Table (only the top 1% of financial brokers in the world receive this accolade) and the Top of the Table (only the top 1% of the top 1% of financial brokers in the world receive this prestigious accolade).


Dr. Dreyer holds numerous International Quality Awards and has received top production and quality awards as a broker with companies such as Old Mutual, Sanlam, Momentum, Liberty, Fedsure Life to name but a few. He was also in the Top 25 Insurance brokers in South Africa for several years. Dr. Dreyer has qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (Not practicing) Independent and Creative Risk Manager (Not practicing) and a Business Consultant and Coach (Not practicing). He has also developed several software programs on property investment, financial planning and unit trust investments.

  • 1982 - Started career as an insurance agent for Old Mutual
  • 1987 - Joined Volkskas as a broker
  • 1988 - Top 10 Volkskas broker two years in a row
  • 1989 - Fellow of the institute of Life and Pension Advisors (FILPA)
  • 1990 - Initiated the Volkskas Corporate Brokers concept
  • 1991 - Independent Broker
  • 1994 - 1998 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • 1995 - Accredited Life Underwriter of South Africa (ALSA)
  • 1995 - Court of the Table (COT)
  • 1995 - Top of the Table (TOT)

Biggest Business Learning Experience: Dr. Dreyer started two financial services businesses that ran a loss of more than $571,000 within the first eighteen months and he turned those businesses, single-handedly, into profitable businesses after all "experts" advised that it would be better to liquidate the business because there was no chance of reviving them. It was the realization, as a CFP, that more than 95% of the world population would not be financially secure at retirement age, and that he was on his way to staying part of that 95%, that was a major turning point in his life.

Follow Him:

From that day on he endeavored to find out why conventional investments and investment advice simply don’t work. In the process, he discovered and developed the true secrets, strategies and formulae for wealth creation, the ones that have genuine potential to set people free. Dr. Dreyer has dedicated his life to helping ordinary people learn and apply these strategies, so that they too can have real wealth. All his strategies are based on Universal Principles and Laws. In this way, it is possible for anyone to build wealth in all seven areas of life, with the emphasis on creating, preserving and enjoying financial wealth.

Best Selling Author: Developed by Dr. Dreyer, today the Formula For Riches® is still a breakthrough in Strategic Wealth Creation, enabling ordinary people from all walks of life to systematically achieve their goals in a focused, results centered fashion. The Formula for Riches® is integral to Dr. Dreyer’s Wealth Creation approach and can be applied in every area of wealth. The Formula for Riches® has been used by his students over the past 25 years as a fail-safe approach to building wealth, fulfillment, happy relationships, greater security, increased peace of mind, bountiful leisure time, and much, much more. To date the Formula For Riches® has sold more than 20 000 copies worldwide.

You never need to make another emotional investment decision! Simply do the calculation.

- Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Property Investor: Dr. Dreyer’s approach also includes property investments, a much-misunderstood wealth creation tool that, correctly used, has incredible potential for financial freedom. Dr. Dreyer developed his prestige Property Pro Investment Analysis Software™ in 1987, which has enabled him to retire from financial planning at the age of 37. In 2002 he made the Property Pro Investment Analysis Software™ available to the general public through his best selling DVD course: The Property Pro Investment Course™, to help people understand and apply the strategic reasoning to make the right choices when investing in property for financial freedom.

He has enabled his students, with these tools, to combine property and the Formula for Riches® with spectacular and fail-safe investment results. Dr. Dreyer did his Masters degree dissertation on “Residential Property As an Investment Instrument”. To prove his system, he bought 48 properties in 94 days without using a single cent of his own capital. The property portfolio was cash flow positive from the first day.

Milestones as a Property Investor:

1982 - Bought his first residential property.

1987 - Bought his first commercial (Retail and Offices) property.

1991 - Bought his first block of flats.

1994 - Bought his first township development.

1995 - Bought his first commercial property development.

2002 - Developed the Property Pro: Property Investment Course.

2002 - Certified Estate Agent (not practicing).

2002 - Certified Business Broker Realtor (not practicing).

2004 - Developed Property Pro Basic Course.

2004 - Bought FREE 48 properties in 94 days.

2004 - Masters Thesis on "Residential Property as an Investment Instrument".

2005 - Developed the Advanced Property Investors Course.

Debt Eradication Strategist: Developed with the mission to free himself and his family from the proverbial rat race, the Warriors Against Debt: Debt Eradication System™ has proved invaluable in all phases of the economic cycle, to allow people trapped in the rat race to take those first crucial steps to realizing their financial goals no matter how bleak their financial situations. Today more than 20 years after its initial conception, the Warriors Against Debt program is still the best system on the market to reduce financial stress and to help set people free to take back control of their finances.

Leading Wealth Creator: Witnessing the effect the Formula for Riches® has had on people from differing countries, genders and educational levels inspired him to complete his PhD on “Applying The Formula For Wealth Creation To Develop Entrepreneurs And Investors”. He took on a personal challenge to use the Formula for Riches® to liberate people from pervasive myths like “you must have money to make money”; “you must make use of financial institutions, because you can’t do it on your own” and “you have to be lucky, well-connected, well-educated, or exceptionally talented to become wealthy”.

To disprove these damaging myths, Dr Dreyer took less than 12 cents and turned it into an investment of over $1,400.000.00 in less than two and a half years. The entire process was documented for his students through his Mentoring Course. Dr. Hannes Dreyer is the founder and CEO of the Wealth Creators University™, a private outcome-based learning institute, based on the culmination of 27 years of knowledge, experience, research and study into finance, economics, psychology and philosophy.

Milestones as a Wealth Creator Entrepreneur:

1967 - Starts first business at age 10.

1987 - First time millionaire.

2002 - Wrote an advertisement in less than 30 minutes that made more than $2,570,000.

2002 - Started a business with less than $100.00 that generates more than $1.5 million per year in income.

2004 - Started a business with $0 and made more than $7,100 net Profit on the first day of trading.

2004 - The first business in the "Wealth Creators Mentor Program" made more than $36,570 net profit the first day of trading.

2004 - Turned 11 cents into more than $1,400,000 in less than two and a half year.

2005 - Developed the Retire Quickly Program™. 2007 - First time "Virtual Millionaire" in less than 24 hours.

2010 - Founded the Wealth Creators University™.

Dr. Hannes Dreyer is not a personal or professional, financial, business, or legal consultant.