Is it possible to save yourself bankrupt?

I know that this question seems foolish because we all know that it is a good thing to save money right?

Well actually the answer is, it is NOT a good thing to save money if you do not know what you are doing… and most people do not know the difference between saving and investing..

Most people do not know how to save money and it is not their fault.

We are conditioned by the financial institutions to “believe” that it is a good thing but in most cases it is not.

Let me share with you a story (and it may just as well be your story because I see this so many times)

Many years ago I talked to a friend. He said to me that was saving R1000.00 per month on an endowment policy.

Upon further investigation I discover that the monthly contribution for this policy was deducted from his overdraft account.

So let me explain how my friend was actually saving himself bankrupt.

His monthly contributions were R1,000.00 and the projected growth on the policy was 12%. (Today it is way less) At the same time he was paying 22% on his overdraft.

So if we do a projected future value calculation in ten years time you will find:

The value of the policy at 12% growth will be R230,039 BUT the accumulation value of his overdraft at 22% will be R428,017.

This means after he takes the cash from the policy and pay of the credit card he would still be losing R197,978

Now if he carries on with this practice for long enough he will eventually save himself bankrupt.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

Actually there are several.

First do not try to invest if you do not understand the basic difference between investing and savings.

The first law of a Wealth Creator is to invest in yourself first before you invest in any “investment”.

Second thing that you must do to make sure you follow the Wealth Creators Strategy and the Formula For Riches®

You can go to to learn more about this amazing formula but before you decide to buy the book, perhaps phone my office because there is a way you can actually get it for FREE. Our telephone number is +27 (0)12 542 4560 during office hours.

Lets say you follow the Wealth Creators Way™ and you know how to get a 60% growth without taking any risk on your R1000.00 monthly investment for 10 years – the projected future value will be R6,958,239

This is R6.7 MILLION more than investing in conventional investments like endowment policies or retirement annuities.

So the next comment will be – “But it is impossible or very risky to get 60% growth on your initial investment”

And you are right if you try to do it the conventional way but not if you learn how to do it The Wealth Creators Way™

In fact I will personally guarantee you that if you applied what you learn during the Wealth Creators Development Program™ you will get more than 60% on your initial investment or we pay you double the course value back.

Now what should you do if you do not want to take the responsibility to learn how to invest according to The Wealth Creators Way™?

Then the next best thing that you can do is pay off your debt first before you start saving.

You can get a lot more tips on eradicating your debt by going to


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